Our Story

Having worked as a recording artist for nearly 20 years, I’ve experienced varying degrees of depression and misalignment with my soul’s calling. When I turned 30, I committed to making mental health my number one priority. Little did I know that mental health is entirely dependent on physical and spiritual health, and as these three (mind, body and spirit) form a balance, it becomes easier to connect to our life force and to be guided by it. With this concept in mind, I began changing some of my habits. As the habits changed, wonderful books, people, and healers entered my life and I began to experience joy.
As I continued to peel back the layers of ego and misunderstanding, my career started to change and I was given the opportunity to perform at various AGMs for large scale businesses. From these experiences, I began to notice a pattern. It seemed that all business sectors faced similar challenges of motivating their staff to communicate, meet expectations, and work effectively with each other. After observing this over and over again, I felt like saying: "you guys need to have an AGM For The Soul and allow your staff to get into alignment and THEN you can talk about improving the business. Half of your problems will be solved already."
And that's how the idea was born.
Through my journey, I’ve come to learn that we are not designed to walk this path alone and there is nothing more spectacular than growing alongside other human beings. Joy expands exponentially when shared with others. My vision is to gather great people together once a year and share an amazing experience! (If you've read this far into the "OUR STORY" page, YOU are one of those great people! : ) 
This year's AGM boasts some of the most incredible healers, counsellors, therapists, trainers and joy-providers that I've ever met! I'm SO excited to have them as our guides for the week-end! Click here to check them out!
I look forward to seeing you June 1st to June 3rd 2018 for our inaugural year!!
In loving kindness,
Angie Nussey (starter-upper)

TEDx Talk 2014